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check: https://www.razor-graffiti.com/produkt/book/ The time has come. After more than 25 years of graffiti one of Germany´s finest on steel opens his blackbook. In the mid of december 2017 the book „RAZOR – Colors On Steel“ hits the streets and features his work from the early beginnings in the late 80s up to his recent works in 2017. The reader gets an insight in his artwork, his thoughts and adventures. From the press release: „His approach is as follows: ´From the street. For the streetª. Photos from the early days were rarely perfect, but they have all this special flavour we all love. The texts, rough and raw, reflecting the attitude of RAZOR in both respects, contentually and textualy. The layout is kept like a big magazine, stuffed with photos, sketches and stories. All the work was done by RAZOR himself, with just two helping hands of a friend, who took care for the texts. RAZOR did the concept, the layout and the financing all by himself, so every purchased book goes directly to the artist as a support.“ The book is available at www.razor-graffiti.com 2017.

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