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Streetpins presents: MAS

Streetpins presents: MAS

Check out MAS from France in our writer special!

Where are you from?

I am from Algeria , I ve grown up in Bourges and Paris and I lived in almost all major French cities. But I keep my background and Algeria is a place I like to paint (Algiers , Oran ... ). Hard to say " I come from ... " because I come from anywhere between Europe and Africa ...

Can you tell us something about the graffiti scene in your city?

For the moment I live in Bordeaux ( the city of wine ) for an average city the level of graffiti artists is very high here . So everyone knows everyone !   But haters and toys are predominant ( it is here that I found a Toyer being toying one of my piece ! The dream of every graffiti artist !)

When did you start writing ?

I had the chance to start early graffiti (1990 ...) and especially with the best French graffiti artists ... Megaton , Shuck2 , Eraz ... which allowed me to start with a solid base! a few people have had the chance to take their first graffiti with the best graffiti artists of  this time!

Who, or what inspires you?

I started at the same time that the letters and characters so my big influence was Mode2 ... such a strong influence that I had to work to detach myself ! now I do not look at what others are doing ! which allows me to work my own style

Anything else you want to say?

yes a nice story  ! I painted in the city when I got arrested and taken to the police station as a murderer ! but the chief of police was a graffiti fan !  and let me go out with my sprays , apologizing and asking me to make a canvas !

I left the police station watching the policemen who had arrested me smiling at them !


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