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Streetpins presents: CUKE

Streetpins presents: CUKE

Check out @CUKE from Berlin in our writer special!

- Where are you from?

Hey, I am living in Berlin, Germany. Born, raised and still here :)

- Can you tell us something about the graffiti scene in your city?

Hum, I think Berlin is nothing without graffiti and graffiti is nothing without Berlin!

A lot of different generations with different intentions are doing the "same". They take a medium and a tool (walls and cans), but they don't have the same intentions. For me Berlin is like a Jungle of Art. Too much artists for less consumer. So each of the artists is fighting strong and "egoistic" for his own success.

You can build the biggest house in town on two ways: 1. You build the biggest house! 2. You destroy all other houses to have the biggest one.Berlin is full of artist from both sections. Sad about it. I really enjoy the dynamic i recognize between the most of character-artists. They become really friends, they don't have that territorial fights. They just want to make their art. They just want to spent nice times together on the walls to create a concept artwork fitting together in colors and shapes. Thats my world :) 

No aggressive gangster attitude to compensate other inadequacies. Stay friendly together, make great collaborations and protect your art, don't destroy it with aggression or hating or grudge.

- When did you start writing ?

In the earlies 90ies, when I was around 14, I was into exploring (West-)Berlins lines and lost places to find the Berlin Legend Pieces from ODEM, DEJOE (aka JOHN in the early times), PHOS4 and other artists. Always stoked about the wildstyles and dished strokes I spend most of my time on training and drawing and trying stuff with the cans. But soon, I recognized, I am not that stylewriter :D

And I was always into creating "worlds" or "characters". So I spent my time in developing characters, scenes, backgrounds and give them my "own style". I always enjoyed the combination between great styles on a fitting background full of depth and in combination with an strong (most of the time evil) character. 

- Who, or what inspires you?

My inspiration is my life, my environment, the society I am living in. All in all I don't do political or ethic artworks, as I don't want to be a "prediger".... We all know about the dark and ugly parts of mankind. My goal is to give the world my artworks on walls, clothing, canvases to make them happy, to forget hard strong times for a moment, maybe also to motivate younger people to realize their dream being an artist and do what you love. And for sure, I am glad and grateful to work since 20 years on something I love and can live out of it. Thanks for having a job, which I love, thanks for loving my work most of the days in my life. Too much people spend the most of their lifetime on something they hate or they don't find their luck in. We do not live to work, we work to live! Never forget that!  

- Anything else you want to say?

Thanks for the feature, thanks to my friends to spent so much great times with me, thanks to all "fans" who support me and my artwork since ages now! I am not proud about it, I am happy! And please, to ALL artists: don't waste your time and life and this nice creative world with senseless "beef", hating, territorial fights about walls and art and selling and all that stuff. Each of us wants to make his/her dream come true. Don't kill other dreams because you have no own! 


CUKE (SAM Crew) / Berlin

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