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Streetpins presents: RAWS

Check out the awesome artworks and a little interview with @RAWS in our writer special.


Where are you from?

Hello, i am Raws from Berlin

Can you tell us something about the graffiti scene in your city?

The Graffiti community in Berlin is huge. Berlin is called „Graffiti Capital of Europe“ for good reason. Unfortunately, the solidarity  of the scene in Berlin is not particularly given because, firstly, the city simply is geographically very large and there are many writers, which are acting only in their own camps. In addition to that, the scene is really splitted when it comes to legal vs. illegal graffiti. Personally, I am very glad that both scenes are very active and at a high level.

When did you start writing ?

I`ve started to paint with cans in 2004. I`ve just sketched on paper and did some tags before. 

Who, or what inspires you?

Basically, everything whats related to form, color or typography inspires me. Since i’m a graphic designer, i’m strongly influenced by Ads, Posters and Movies. For graffiti, the stuff from Sweden, Netherlands and Norway impresses me right now. But also the eastern countries and their writers. I really like that kind of graphic style, which is very straightforward and flat. STORM, TOWN, TRUN etc. - just to call a few names. 

Anything else you want to say?

There is coming something big for your Eyes! I’m currently producing a documentary about Berlin Graffiti. Save the date: 01.08.2015.  More won’t be revealed right now. 

Additionally: Do not take everything so seriously. Have fun painting on and let the people be! Everyone should be able to do what he likes most! Best wishes to my friends: Officials Crew, Super Bad Boys and all the other companions!

Check out RAWS Profile:

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